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Earn a High School Equivalent Credential Recognized in the US and Canada. 


International School of Aruba (ISA) is recognized as an International GED® Testing Program Partner. ISA, together with the Ministry of Education, successfully  started with the GED® program in 2017. GED® stands for 'General Educational Development' and is designed for adults to demonstrate competency in English, Math, Science and History. 


For many of Aruba’s adults, school ended with a MAVO certificate. This is not sufficient to enroll in any US or Canadian college. With the ISA being an International GED® Testing Program Partner, we now offer those interested in continuing their education a chance to earn a high school equivalent credential, that would allow them to enroll in junior colleges in the US and some Canadian programs. This GED® certification will also enhance options for employment if staying on Aruba. Through continued education, these adults can pursue career options that will benefit not only themselves, but also benefit Aruba's economy.  From technical trades to business, the options are plentiful once a person has the GED®. Successful completion of the English Proficiency class and the GED® program will open many doors for adults on Aruba.


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