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GED Program - Student Testimonials  

Hear and read success stories straight from our students. 

Jason Bird's GED Journey

Jason Bird's GED Journey
Jason Bird's GED Journey
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Jason Bird's GED Journey

Interview Cynthia Richardson
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Interview Cynthia Richardson

Interview Ralph Geerman
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Interview Ralph Geerman

Interview Daling Julien
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Interview Daling Julien

GED Program - Student Testimonials  


“My name is Nino Kane Daniels and I want to tell you about my GED experience. The reason as to why I decided to pursue a GED diploma is because it was exactly what I needed in order to go to college. It was definitely a long journey, and I am not gonna lie and say it was easy. Just like with any school or degree, it came with its challenges. But those same challenges are what gave me the drive to keep going and finish the process.


Well, I’m proud to say that I achieved it and without any regrets! Because of the GED Program I am now able to further my education, go to college, and secure a better future for myself. I am now living in the Netherlands with my family, but with big plans to achieve a scholarship in the USA next year and begin a whole new journey.”

- Nino Daniels, GED Graduate of 2021

"Before I was in the GED Program, I finished my MAVO Diploma. The step to University was too big so I decided to start with the GED Program and it was the best decision for sure! I liked the program a lot because you did not feel any pressure. Students get all the time to finish and they can ask for lots of help if they need so. The online tests are also helping a lot. If people do understand English, they understand the GED program without a doubt. Math was the most difficult for me, but I managed t finish and I am proud of that!


Currently, I am studying Sociology at the Bishop's University in Canada and this will take me 4 years. I don't want to limit myself for now so I am not sure what to do afterward. One thing is certain: my options are open! One of my goals is to go for an exchange year to England during my third year here at Bishop's.


GED feels like a blessing to me because I am able to realize my dreams. I think the government of Aruba should promote GED more. It would help a lot of Aruban people because the Dutch schooling system is very hard for some of them. Follow the GED program will broaden their job and school opportunities!"

- Charline Julien, Former GED Student in Aruba 


"Before I started with the GED program, I was struggling at Colegio Arubano and could not make it to the finals. I have never been good in Dutch. It is easier for me to understand English than Dutch. It made me really upset, and it frustrated me a lot. 


One day, when I was playing baseball, an agent that recruits baseball players came to me and we had a nice talk. At the end of the conversation, he suggested me to take the GED course. It would broaden my future he said.


The GED course turned out very easy to me. I just did the test and finished the program in three days! I was always in the field or in the gym, so I did not have the time to learn that much. For me, GED was not hard, it is just basic knowledge. You can take it as fat as you can and study at your own pace. I advise all students that feel like failing to take the GED course and I encourage their parents to support them because it opens many more doors in getting a good job. 


Now, I am doing perfectly at Junior College in Oklahoma. After this, I will go to a four years school. My dream is to have my own medical practice in Aruba, just like my baseball coach It is going to be a lot of work, but it will be worth it all because it is a grateful job. "

- Joshua simon,  former GED Student in Aruba 


“I started doing the GED program last year and finished it a few months later. In my past, I had struggles studying in Dutch. When I got the chance to study in English during the GED program, I not only graduated in a short amount of time, but I also did it very well.


I recommend everyone to follow the GED course. Not only is it an inexpensive program, it’s also very efficient, proficient, and quite honestly, the best program I have every attended. GED helps you with your future goals and opens more than just one door in one country. It brings multiple career and further education options for everyone.


For those that are currently still studying the GED I would like to say that you have a lot of time on your hand. The GED is here for you and will be here for you till the day you want to finish your GED.  My quick tip is: stay calm, do your best, and be yourself!”

- Keanu, former GED Student in Aruba


"I heard about the successful GED program from friends, and they all passed! Some of them are even studying abroad now. That makes me want to do the GED test too, so I can follow my dreams."

- Tommy De Los Santos, GED student.


"I actually wanted to do the GED test last year, but I first wanted to check how my friends would do it. They all succeeded and that gives me the courage to follow the same path."

- Ray Gross, GED student.


"I want to study in Canada, but my MAVO diploma isn't good enough for that. I heard that the GED is a perfect way to get there, so I signed up."
- Jefferson, GED student.


"Before studying abroad, I wanted to check how my English level is through the GED program. My dream is to study in Finland afterwards and become a financial advisor."
- Keanu, GED student.

GED Program - Company Testimonials  

- A few days ago, one of our co-workers came to my office with the problem of not being able to properly register for the GED program at ISA. I assisted him with a phone call and he was immediately handled . Today, he came to work with an Ear-to-ear grin and proudly told me, "I'm going to finish school." His years of work to support his mother in times of extreme hardship, are now behind him and you are his future. To say thank you is surely an understatement, however.. Thank you.  You made a young man smile. - 

GED Program - Teachers Testimonials


Teacher Pieter Verduijn

Teacher Nichole Danser

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