About the GED Program 

How is it tested?
The current GED® Test consists of four content areas:

Reasoning Through Language Arts (RLA) (150 minutes)

  • Section 1 (27 minutes*)

  • Section 2 (45 minutes)

  • Section 3 (60 minutes*)

Mathematical Reasoning (115 minutes)

  • Part 1 (first 5 test questions) calculator not allowed

  • Part 2 (remaining 41 test questions) calculator allowed

 Science  (90 minutes)

Social Studies (70 minutes)

Tests consist of 7 different item types: (similar to how TOEFL reading is assessed)
Extended response, Drag-and-drop, Drop-down, Fill-in-the-blank, Hot spot, Multiple choice, Short answer. 

GED Math Website: https://sites.google.com/isaruba.com/gedmath/

GED Science Website: https://sites.google.com/isaruba.com/gedscience 

GED Language Arts:  https://sites.google.com/isaruba.com/gedrla/home  

GED Social Studies: https://sites.google.com/isaruba.com/gedsocial-sciences/home



GED® Schedule - 2021

GED Orientation Meeting was held on Thursday, January 14 from 6PM to 7PM

Classes meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6PM to 7:30PM - Start date: January 26, 2021!

What is required?
Students must bring a valid ID/Passport, AZV card and a AWG 5,- Censo paper to the registration day. Students should have their own laptop computer/tablet to take advantage of online practice activities.  

What is the cost?

As a government funded program, students will pay only for the cost of each exam. TOEFL exams are approximately $200. GED ® exams are approximately $75 per section or $300 total for the complete certificate. GED Ready tests cost $5 per test. 


What can you do with the GED® program? 

The GED® offers those interested in continuing their education a chance to earn a high school equivalent credential, that would allow them to enroll in junior colleges in the US and some Canadian programs. This certification will also enhance options for employment if staying in Aruba. Through continued education, these adults can pursue career options that will benefit not only themselves, but also benefit Aruba's economy.  From technical trades to business, the options are plentiful once a person has the GED®. Successful completion of the English Proficiency class and the GED® program will open many doors for adults in Aruba.

Thousands of traditional campus-based colleges and universities accept the GED® as equivalent to a high school diploma. Below is a list of the most prestigious ones.

  • Florida State University (FSU)

  • St. Mary's College of Maryland

  • University of South Carolina (USC)

  • Coastal Carolina University

  • Bishop's University

  • Centennial College of Canada

  • Niagara College

  • Seneca College


Sign up at MyGED

All students must enroll ( for free) with MyGED, as we will be using MyGED for classes and you need it to register for testing. 

Please download the below PDF File for instructions how to sign up to MyGED


For more information about the specific universities that work with the GED program please visit:

United States: http://www.ea.aw/pages/studia-na-merca/

Canada: http://www.ea.aw/pages/studia-na-canada/

MyGED Instructions



Please download the below PDF Files for more Information about the GED program.

GED Introduction

GED - Passing the test

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